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Archaeology of the Ganga Basin

Paradigm Shift (2 Vols.)

Author : Vibha Tripathi (Ed.) and Prabhakar Upadhyay (Asso. Ed.)
ISBN :978-81-88934-65-2
Price :  5,500.00    4,950.00
Size :29 cm
Year :2010
Format :Hardbound
Description :Vol. I: xxxii+304, Figs., Maps, Illus.; Vol. II: xxxii+276, Figs., Maps, Illus.

About the Book

The archaeology of Ganga plain has come a long way with extensive explorations and excavations going on regularly over the decades in the region. New models of understanding cultures with processual, and post-processual archaeology have placed greater challenges before investigators. In light of these new conceptual frameworks, the excavations need to be re-planned and research schemes re-oriented. With new ideas and theories, the role of scientifically discovered material and their interpretation assume greater significance today than ever before. Our main concern now is to review and re-examine material remains with fresh angle. The emphasis has to be now on a more holistic reconstruction of cultures using multi-pronged approach. We have a clear idea of cultural sequence. The gaps that presumably existed between different cultural periods are now nearly filled up. These facets of the archaeology of the Ganga plain call for a paradigm shift in approach to study of material remains coming forth from sites of the region. New models and approaches are called for to reconstruct the personality of cultures of the Ganga plain. It is with application of a holistic approach that we can re-write the history of Ganga plain termed by Mortimer Wheeler as the 'Ganges Civilization'. The book contains contributions of scholars who have worked in the field on various aspects of the culture of the Ganga plain. The volumes must be of interest to scholars and serious readers alike providing the latest information available on the subject.

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