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HERITAGE: Palaeontological and Iconographical Aspects

Author : G.L. Badam and Rahman Ali
ISBN :978-81-88934-96-6
Price :  2,700.00    2,430.00
Size :25 cm
Year :2013
Format :Hardbound
Description :xxvi+157 p., line drawings, 104 col. & 23 b/w illus., Bibliography, Index

About the Book

The present book is based on the Faunal and Iconographical collections made by renowned scholars of the Vikram University of Ujjain and housed in the University Museum.

Part I deals with the faunal material collected by the late Dr. V.S. Wakankar from various areas in the Central Narmada Valley particularly in the districts of Narsinghpur and Hoshangabad. The collection throws important light on the palaeo-environmental history and chronology of the geological formations of the Narmada sediments. The Narmada Valley has proved to be a benchmark for the Old and New World faunal elements and patterns of their migration. Faunal groups included are the Proboscideans, Artiodactyles, Perissodactyles, Reptiles, Microvertebrates, etc. as also the Stone Age tools and Gondwana wood fossils. Comments on the Hathnora pre-Homo sapiens Man, recently discovered in the Valley, which has a great bearing on the Hominin evolution in South Asia as a whole, have also been included.

Part II reviews the Chalcolithic culture in the Ujjain region as based on the various archaeological excavations. The present work gives a brief idea about the movements of Chalcolithic Community of Malwa in context of the famous sites like Kayatha, Dangawada, Mahidpur, Runija, Ujjain and Sodanga. Classified and descriptive catalogues of the cults - icons, viz., Saiva, Vaisnava, Sakta and Jaina, etc., the rare sculptures of the SalabhaÛjika, Apsarases, etc. and the list of inscriptions preserved in the University Museum are included in this catalogue. Also included are the rare collections of the Manuscripts in Scindia Oriental Research Institute and the illustrations of the Bhaktivijaya by Mahipati.

We hope that this catalogue will be useful to students of Heritage Management particularly those interested in Palaeontology and Iconography of Madhya Pradesh.

About the Author

Dr G.L. Badam (b. 1940), a leading Quaternary geologist and palaeontologist has done pioneering research on taphonomy, palaeoenvironment, biostratigraphy, geoarchaeology and rock art. He has vast experience in excavating and studying various palaeontological sites throughout the country. He has authored/edited several books on Siwaliks, Narmada, River Valley Cultures and other related areas. Besides, he has to his credit about 175 research papers published both in Indian and foreign journals. Dr. Badam has travelled extensively to several parts of the world, been a Fullbright scholar to University of Oregon, Eugene, USA, Museum Specialist to many museums and universities in India and abroad. He has taken part in several national and international conferences and received many awards in appreciation of ‘excellent service to the field of Palaeontology.’


Dr Rahman Ali (b. 1943) is a well-known scholar of Fine Arts, History and Culture. He retired as Professor and Head of School of Studies in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology, Vikram University, Ujjain and is still engaged in pursuing research projects and guiding students for their Ph.D. degrees. He has authored more than a dozen books on the Temple Architecture of Central India. Besides, the books on Prehistory and Proto-history, he has to his credit more than 75 research papers published both in Indian and foreign journals. He has participated in several archaeological excavations undertaken by leading scholars and sponsored by State Governments and Educational Institutions. He has received national and international awards from different academic bodies for his contributions.